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God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.


Christo and Estelle Campher, Founders of His Place Ministry and later known as His Place Developing Centre, had the desire to serve God and to help others. They had an open hand and open heart to the less fortunate through out their lives. As they grew their family and home educated their children, they were able and actively involved within their local church.

During those years there were children and young teenagers from a nearby settlement that regularly came begging for food. It became apparent that regardless of the dire circumstances that these children had to endure, some was without shelter at times. Moved with compassion Christo and Estelle started to assist these however they could and started to evangelise to these children firstly at their home, teaching them the love of Jesus, and the good news of the kingdom of God.

As the relationship with these children grew Christo and Estelle started to go into the Settlements these children came from continuing to preach and evangelise within those communities. At that time, it became clear that God wanted Christo and Estelle to create a haven for all that seek it, and to teach them form the word of God and provide an Educations and Literacy to both children and Adults.

During the year 2000, they were involved in a spirit filled ministry, serving God and the community, however the dream and vision God has placed within their hearts was to build a ministry focused on education. Starting 2005 they started training and education their first group of Students in their home, using the word of God as the foundation of their education. God through His Spirit gave the name His Place to them and in November of 2005 they started their own Ministry under the name, His Place. God has opened the doors to fulfil this vision by assisting us in attaining our premises.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

In 2006 they took in their first group of Students in the Literacy Centre, giving school and educating during the week and having church services over the weekends. His Place is still growing from Strength to strength, pursuing the vision and strategy God gives them.


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Pastor of His Place Developing Centre

Christo is a Passionate Servant of God with a Desire to Evangelise, winning souls for Gods Kingdom. His wish is that everyone will grow in the Spirit and remain within God’s Kingdom. He has a Strong believe in God’s provision, protection, and healing making him a pillar in the community, as a father and a husband.

Christo is married to Estelle and together they are blessed with two sons and a daughter and thanks God for a house filled with healthy grandchildren. They life as they preach to others.

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Administrator of His Place Literacy centre

Estelle has a great love and passion for both the youth and children in the community. As Principle of the Literacy Centre, it is not a Job but rather a calling in witch se can serve God and help those who need it most.

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Bernardus grew up in a God-fearing home. As part of the Campher family he has experienced who God is and how powerful God is. He lives this out as Youth Coordinator of His Place Developing Centre. He is a young man who can see the good and tap the joy out of life.